Osso Buco Sous Vide

I use the term “osso buco” loosely; this is a non-traditional version in two ways: first, it has no tomato, and additionally it is cooked in a way that is not typical for osso buco.

I started with two veal shanks, and covered them with the following:

Kosher salt, freshly ground pepper 1 Tb [...]

42-hour flank steak sous vide

One of the things at which the technique of sous vide cooking particularly excels is making tough cuts of meat miraculously tender. In the case of flank steak, for example, a long stint in the SVS yields something even beyond filet-mignon tender. Here’s how I prepared mine:

I heated the SVS to 133, then [...]

Turkey transformed: sous vide turkey breast

Turkey, in any form, has always underwhelmed me; its tendency to be dry and bland has meant that once a year year, at Thanksgiving, has been enough. So it seemed a good test for the Sous Vide Supreme… Could it yield an evenly-cooked, yet moist and more flavorful turkey breast?

I found some interesting [...]