Steamed cod with spinach and tomatoes

Short on time and needing a healthy dinner idea? Here’s one of my favorite simple preparations for fish.

Delicate cod is a perfect candidate for steaming

1 lb. Alaskan true cod, ling cod filets, or other delicate white fish, cut into four pieces Fresh spinach leaves (about 8 oz) Cherry, grape or toy [...]

Crusty, No-Knead Artisan Bread

Crusty, beautiful bread that’s EASY to make!

There has been a rise (so to speak) in the popularity of “no-knead” bread recipes among bakers in recent years. Which is no surprise, given that this technique allows the home baker to make beautiful, crusty, flavorful loaves…. with an absolute minimum of effort, as the [...]

Dinner in a rush… Sous vide t-bone with seared tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms & mixed greens

Tonight was one of those nights… Usually I find preparing an elaborate dinner a calming ritual, even after a long day, but when I came home tonight I was tired, hungry and impatient. I needed something simple and fast. (I HAD put a steak in the Sous Vide Supreme this morning, so I did [...]