Healthy Black Bean Chili

With Winter having returned for one final (hopefully) encore here in Northern California this week, it’s still good weather for hearty chili. And this is one of my favorite recipes. It’s relatively healthy, and not too involved to make. There are quite a few ingredients, and some chopping required, so I like to prepare [...]

Thai skirt steak with tomatoes and arugula

This is one of my favorite quick weeknight meals… it features skirt steak, which sometimes gets a bad rap; it can be tough if overcooked. However, if seared in a hot skillet to medium-rare, it can be tender and extremely flavorful. The following is what I consider to be a simple and very satisfying [...]

Crispy pork cutlets with arugula and hard-boiled egg

As much fun as the more elaborate creations can be, there are a lot of times (most work nights, in fact) when simple and quick is the only option. This is one of my favorite reasonably simple recipes; it tastes great and is much more impressive than it is difficult to make! In the [...]