Sleepless Who?

Who is Sleepless Foodie (SF)?

Not so much an insomniac as someone so consumed with a passion for cooking, eating, entertaining, trying new restaurants, and above all, the social aspect of sharing all of this in good company, that sleep often suffers for the cause. (I have a day job, so there are never enough hours in the day to indulge this passion!) Cooking is my way of unwinding, of finding order in my world, of indulging my creative and strategic energies by being all at once an artist, a chemist, an engineer and a project manager. (And sometimes, even part ninja!) I am always thinking about my next meal.

I consider myself to be primarily a cook, but I am sometimes swept away in fits of baking when inspiration strikes. My goal with this blog is to organize and share all that I learn, my culinary triumphs and defeats, to hopefully provide some entertainment and useful information for readers who share my passion for all things food-related. I would like to see questions, insights, opinions, and even spirited (good-natured, of course!) debate at times, from my readers. Think of it as one big (virtual) dinner discussion. This is my hope.

By way of a disclaimer, I should point out that I am a novice blogger… so I apologize in advance for any technical difficulties we may experience. (I will get better at it, I promise!) Thank you for reading; I love the opportunity to share and interact on the topics of all things food-related!

Eat well.