Branzino Sous Vide

It has been a busy couple of weeks! Finally, over the weekend, I had time to make my latest sous vide creation. It was a whole Branzino (mediterranean sea bass), prepared very simply.

I started out with a whole fish that had been cleaned but left whole, and sliced crosswise by my fishmonger. (Not quite what I was expecting – I had actually asked for filets, but like so many things in life this turned out better than what I initially thought I wanted.) I dotted it with butter (not much, just a scant tablespoon), sprinkled it with fleur de sel and laid a few thin slices of lemon and sage leaves over it, and placed in a vacuum bag.

Branzino with sage, lemon, sea salt and butter

With the Sous Vide Supreme set to 144F, I left it in for 45 minutes. The result was fantastically delicate, flavorful, and surprisingly light!

Branzino sous vide, after 45 minutes at 144F

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