42-hour flank steak sous vide

One of the things at which the technique of sous vide cooking particularly excels is making tough cuts of meat miraculously tender. In the case of flank steak, for example, a long stint in the SVS yields something even beyond filet-mignon tender. Here’s how I prepared mine:

I heated the SVS to 133, then sealed the flank steak in a vacuum bag, after sprinkling it with kosher salt and pepper. I cooked it for 42 hours, timing it so that it would be ready to serve at 7:00 pm, just in time for dinner. After I unbagged it, I seared one side of it quickly (for about 35 seconds) in a smoking-hot cast iron skillet, and also seared some pre-cooked potatoes in the pan, then served it all with an arugula salad. The flank steak was, of course, fabulously flavorful, moist and could be cut with a fork.

Flank steak sous vide

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  • Hi There SF,

    You have a great blog, and we are excited that the Sousvide Supreme is working out for you. We are collecting Sous Vide recipes from all over and posting them in the recipe section our SousVide Supreme site. With your permission, I’d love to include some of your sous vide recipes and cite both you and your blog as the source. Let me know if this would be ok, and if so, I’d like to include a few pictures as well.

    Fee free to contact me anytime with questions. Your email address was returned to me, so I came via a blog post. Great Job!

    Best Regards,

  • SF

    Hi, Chris -

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I am still quite a rookie blogger, but hope this will be a continually evolving project! You are more than welcome to use my recipes and pictures. I love the SVS and feel like I am just scratching the surface of its potential, and look forward to learning more and sharing what I learn with as many other cooking enthusiasts as possible!

    I also welcome any requests or suggestions – from anyone – about new ingredients or ideas with which to experiment!

    (Sorry about the email bounce – my address is sleeplessfoodie@me.com)


  • Beef steak has always been my all time favorite dish and i am always looking for some new recipes that has steak as the main ingredient..”‘

  • Kristin

    Hi! I’m a beginner with my SousVide Supreme demi and I’m kind of having mixed results. I’ve already lost the booklet (unorganized mom of 2!) so I’m just using blog recipes. I’m doing the flank steak right now. I’ve got a nice tight vacuum and the valve is above the water line… how much liquid from the meat usually leaches out? I’m seeing a fair bit of it… dark red and watery. It’s been in since this morning for tomorrow night’s dinner. Thanks for your help… and in case it matters, it’s no antibiotic/hormone, but not grass fed, beef from The Fresh Market.

  • SF


    I find that there are usually about 2-5 tablespoons of liquid in the pouch by the time I finish cooking red meat… so it sounds like what you’re experiencing is within the realm of normal. Sorry to hear you lost the manual, but take a look at the manufacturer’s website, a lot of the useful info about cooking temperatures and technique, as well as recipes can be found here: http://www.sousvidesupreme.com/en-us/

    Buon appetito!

  • Kristin

    Hi again!

    Just to follow up, because we wanted to try again this weekend, you said 2-5 tablespoons, but I wound up with 3/4 a cup of juices. The meat was incredibly tender, but I had put a bit of an espresso rub on it (my 1st time using this rub) and I found the whole steak had a bit of a summer sausage from the mall taste. I used a ziploc sous vide bag with the food saver suction machine (not the little hand held one, but the stronger one). I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I keep winding up with a lot of liquid in the bag. I did a small pork roast and I thought that water from the bath had gotten in, but it was definitely sealed… just a ton of juices from the meat had leached out. Any ideas? Any advice on using marinades or flavor rubs before cooking? If I want to sear it on the grill (my stove doesn’t vent outside so I can’t do it in a pan), should I lower the temp a couple of degrees to allow for a couple of minutes on the grill? Sorry for so many questions!

  • Thank you for the Recipe. I bought my SVS yesterday and will do a flank steak (starting) today.
    Looking forward to the outcome (if it looks like yours here in the photo).
    But that is not Arugula! Sorry.
    Will let you know how it worked out.
    Thanks again.

  • grassman


    Don’t throw that juice out! Put it in a pan, add whatever spices and flavors suit your mood and make a reduction. Strain the foam out of it when it forms but reduce the rest. You will have 100% of the meat flavor when you add this reduction sauce to your meat. I’ve done this with a chuck roast and other cuts. It always works great.
    (my mouth is watering just thinking about it.)


  • SF

    Actually, it is most definitely baby arugula… :)

    I hope you are enjoying your SVS!

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