Carnitas sous vide…Confession

Carnitas… It’s a great winter dish and something I make in large batches fairly often. Previously, I’ve used a large pot on the stove… but now, of course, I must experiment with carnitas sous vide. (Spanish and French together… sounds exotic!)

At this point I have a confession to make… I tried this a few days ago. And failed. I cooked it for too short a duration and at too high a temperature (eight hours at 165F. Rookie mistake. The results were tough, not fall-apart tender as is the goal with carnitas. So my second attempt – after a bit of research – is currently in progress, at 155F for 22 hours.

Stay tuned for results (and full recipe details) tomorrow night. Here’s hoping there will be tacos…

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  • While I have never had carnitas (we don’t have many (any?) authentic mexican restaurants in Sydney) your cooking temperature still seems high for sous vide to me.

    I have cooked all manner of tough meats and it is unusual for me to exceed 140f (60c) for any sous vide cooking except vegetables.

    Even beef short ribs which need hours of braising in conventional cookery become tender at 57c (135f) after 48 hours- and the interesting thing is that they are still pink like medium steak.

    I will be interested in the results of your experiments!



  • SF


    You make some very good points… I will be curious to see what I get in terms of results, but you’re right, it very well may be too high a temperature at 155F. If so, then I’m definitely going to be consulting you for specifics before my third attempt!

    Thank you for your input, it is interesting and helpful.


  • Dilva Henry

    You are my HERO!! This looks like the perfect dish for Super Bowl Sunday. DJ
    p.s. Dessert – Nora Ephron’s Choc Cream Pie, of course.

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