A new way to cook….

Mission #1 with the new Sous Vide Supreme (SVS): chicken breasts

This is the new Sous Vide Supreme, a water oven for the home chef. For those not familiar with sous vide, it’s a decades-old technique, but has never been very accessible to the home cook without spending thousands on lab equipment such as an immersion circulator. It is used by many top chefs such as Thomas Keller, Heston Blumenthal, Alain Ducasse, etc.

The basic premise is that you cook the item, vacuum sealed, in a water bath that is precisely the temp you want the finished meat to be. (e.g., for red meat, 135 degrees for medium-rare.) So the entire thing, from edge to edge is exactly that uniformly pink temperature. And you can hold it at that temp for hours without it overcooking.

In November, this sous vide countertop oven for the home chef was released. It was created by Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades, two physicians (and published authors) who are experts in nutrition. The Drs. Eades, who favor a high-protein diet,  had been using the sous vide technique at home, and in order to make it simple and accessible for the home cook, they created the Sous Vide Supreme.

I got a SVS for Christmas, and this is undoubtedly the beginning of a lot of experimentation and learning with an exciting new way to cook!

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  • There’s something about getting something new for the kitchen – it’s its own magic, isn’t it? I bought a new (unfinished) clay pie plate, and so far have used it to make stuffed mushrooms, baked ricotta, and roasted red peppers. I can’t wait to come up with another item to make in it (but right now, I’m really in the mood for soups, so the oven may be getting a rest for a few days!)
    I haven’t leapt to the SousVide Supreme just yet, although the Drs. Eades were buzzing about it on their forum and on Twitter for a few weeks before release. I have one of those teeny-tiny 7×10 kitchens…no new thing comes in unless something already there gets eaten or recycled. But I’m eagerly watching the efforts of those who are experimenting with the SVS.

  • SF

    I absolutely agree, Pat! A new kitchen toy, or even a new idea/technique. I get rather carried away and can’t stop experimenting. Your clay pie plate and the things you’ve been making with it sound fabulous! I agree it’s definitely soup/stew weather lately, though… think I may have to make Coq Au Vin tomorrow….

    Eat well.

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