Roasted Peppers with Feta, Garlic and Oregano

It’s been a while… I have been cooking, and photographing food, but not finding the time to sit down and post it! Tonight, I made an old favorite; this is a great appetizer, but I like it so much that sometimes I make a meal of it. It’s my adaptation of Bay Area Chef [...]

Classic Salad Lyonnaise with a twist

Salad Lyonnaise is a traditional French salad that is basically perfect in its simplicity. The ingredients are all pretty compelling on their own: bacon (is there anything better than bacon, really?), a poached egg, frisee, and a Lyonnaise dressing. The culmination of all of these and their textures and flavors is definitely greater than [...]

Steamed cod with spinach and tomatoes

Short on time and needing a healthy dinner idea? Here’s one of my favorite simple preparations for fish.

Delicate cod is a perfect candidate for steaming

1 lb. Alaskan true cod, ling cod filets, or other delicate white fish, cut into four pieces Fresh spinach leaves (about 8 oz) Cherry, grape or toy [...]